Your fundraising

How you choose to fundraise in memory of your loved one is a very personal decision that your family and friends will want to discuss together. However, if you need some help getting started, we have some fundraising suggestions you may find useful.

Whatever you are able to give, your donations will make a difference to people living in poverty.

Share your A Light in this World page

Letting families and friends know that they can use your page to give in memory is the easiest way to start fundraising. Use the Facebook and Twitter links on your page or email the link.

Funeral tributes

When you share your page, you can pass on information about the funeral arrangements. Friends and family can use your page to make a donation to Christian Aid instead of buying flowers.

Organise your own fundraising event

There are many ways you can bring people together to remember the life of someone special. You can organise a pub quiz or cake sale. Alternatively, you could arrange a meal or party where you, family and friends can share stories and memories of your loved one.

You can link to fundraising events on your A Light in this World page. Everyone’s messages and tributes can then be held in one place.

Special occasions and anniversaries

Once created, your page will stay open as long as you want. Family and friends will be able to remember your loved one by making gifts on special occasions. Many supporters choose to give on a birthday or anniversary.