About A Light in this World

Christian Aid has created A Light in this World to give you, your family and your friends a place to celebrate the lives of people you've loved.

Here, all those close to you can come together to raise money and make sure the light your loved one brought to the world shines on.

A gift of love. An act of care.

Gifts given in memory of the person you wish to remember will help Christian Aid’s work ending the injustice of poverty. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s values. You can make sure that the love and care they showed for the world’s most vulnerable people can live on in years to come.

Your loved one need not have been a Christian Aid supporter for you to set up A Light in this World page. Your page can simply be a wonderful way to celebrate the light they shone in the world during their lifetime.  

Your gift, your choice.

You can choose which area of Christian Aid’s work to support. Perhaps your loved one was passionate about improving education. They may have wanted to ensure every community had access to clean, safe water. When you give in memory, you can honour this by giving The Gift of Education, The Gift of Water, The Gift of Food, or give A Gift to the World.

Watch Margaret talk about the light her mother shone in the world: