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I remember her surprise when she saw her three-tiered 14th Birthday cake covered in sparklers! It was a very special moment.

Esther was a very inspirational daughter.  Not initially! In fact we often struggled with her rather wayward and independent spirit.  But through the course of her illness she changed so much. She came into a relationship with God and her spiritual journey transformed her into a very caring and surprisingly selfless giver. 

Esther had bone cancer.  It was hard to go from being a normal healthy teenager to a child with a disability.  But she accepted it all so bravely.  We couldn't help but be moved by her determination, her hope and her resignation to God's will for her life. She had a profound and authentic sense of being 'in God's hands' a phrase which is now, appropriately, on her gravestone. 

She left a legacy to Christian Aid, moved by a poster she saw in a train.  Once she saw the connection between a simple mosquito net and protection from a fatal disease, she decided she could personally save lives by donating her money!  The best possible use of her money after her death was, she decided, to save lives from death! This gift would have long-lasting and far-reaching effects.  Her legacy gift to Christian Aid was used to buy mosquito nets for communities in Nigeria. Every day her legacy lives on in the protected lives of countless families in Nigeria. She would be thrilled to know that her mum now works for Christian Aid as a Regional Coordinator, encouraging others to act justly and defend the rights of the poor. Legacy can be a lifeless concept.  But not when you see it in the story and life of Esther.  Her legacy gift has come alive.  She lives on through her gift, through her inspiration and through her family's continuing contribution  to see poverty eradicated through supporting Christian Aid.  It is a gift that lasts.  And it does not have to end.  We can continue to donate to Christian Aid's work to protect lives and create resilient communities by donating through this memory page.  Esther would be so pleased to know that her gift is continuing to inspire and captivate our imagination, and that in her name people are making a difference to the world's poor.  Thank you for reading this and we hope you will share something of her vision. 


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Happy Birthday Esther.We miss you so much, and wish you could be here to meet Sophie and Ella. I'm so proud to be your sister & I love you.X



Happy Birthday my darling girl.



What a blessing she was and is! Praise God that she brings glory to Him.

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